Worth a read

I thought this New York Times story on being a baseball parent was interesting for all parents.

Not that any parent was an issue for our team.

Just interesting.

Read it here.


Unsung hero #1

As we say goodbye to the Bulldogs season, we want to extend special thanks to a few people.

First of all, our trainer, Omair.

Hockey is a physical sport. A trainer is never bored. That has never been more true than this year.

While we strive to offer the safest experience possible, there’s contact, sticks, pucks, boards, pylons, fallen players, clumsiness and just being 8-years-old to deal with at every game and practice.

We were so fortunate to have Omair on our bench and at our practices this year. He took the trainer certification course last summer and performed his duties above and beyond what we could have ever asked for (following up on Ben’s strong lead last year).

Omair was calm, caring and professional, while dealing with all of the children (and a coach) with caution and compassion. He had to make tough calls, like keeping kids off the ice and out of the rest of a game.

He dealt with a concussion and a broken arm. And in every single game there was someone with everything from a serious injury to a boo boo that needed someone to talk to on the bench.

But, most of all, I think he gave real comfort and assurance to the coaches – and the parents – that all the players were being looked after, and that their health came first.

He also ran the defenceman door before Christmas and dealt with the mayhem that is the forwards’ door after Christmas.

Thanks Omair! Great job. We couldn’t have had such a successful year without you.

Always keeping a watchful eye on the Bulldogs!
Always keeping a watchful eye on the Bulldogs!

Some year-end stats

Games played: 43

Goals for: 154

Goals against: 109

Leading scorer: Ryan S. 45 points

Leading goal scorer: Ryan S., Carter with 22

Assists: Ryan S. 23, Max 23

Penalties: Carter 30 minutes (rest of the team – 62 minutes)

Shutout leader: Nicholas 3

Wins leader: Nicholas 12

Goals Against Average leader: Michael 1.87

Tournament championships: 1 – North Toronto

Number of days in our season: 243 (from 3-on-3 camp in August to city finals)

Amount of fun: incalculable

Amount of sleep needed for coaches: also incalculable

An incredible championship game

Well, let’s get the news out of the way first.

We lost 2-1.

But, man, what a game. What a championship series. What a season!

All the coaches spoke after the game and told the kids how proud we were of every one of the players on our team. How much the kids had learned, and progressed and become true hockey players in the one, two or three years we have coached them.

But, most of all, we told them what an honour it was to coach these kids. And how scary good they’ll be in just a few years.

For me, one of the great moments of the night was after the final buzzer, when the kids were all devastated, to look over to the parents in the stands and see that huge ovation. The coaches appreciated it and I know the kids did.

Thanks everyone. What a hoot!





Will works on his shot with Max.
Will works on his shot with Max.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!