Pink power didn’t quite work

Well, the regular season is done. Good riddance!

We’re ready for the playoffs. Enough of these meaningless games!

Good that they were meaningless, and that we’d built such a nice cushion for ourselves, because we didn’t quite play like the team we know we are down the stretch. It’s not how we wanted to go into the playoffs, but now we’re the underdogs. We’re going to play angry.

On this night, the Bulldogs had the bulk of the puck possession, had the bulk of the chances, just couldn’t get a bounce. There were many blocked shots as release time is an issue we’ll work on at practice.

The bad news is we had about 23 seconds of terrible hockey, and that put us down 2-0. First a strange one beat our goalie, then almost shortly after the next faceoff, we saw a breakaway and goal against.

Pink tape.
Pink tape.

And that was it. The defence had an excellent night, and really kept the shots against to a very low total. The forwards worked hard, but couldn’t find the net. And the goalies really did have a quiet night, but made a couple of good saves.

An empty net goal made it 3-0.

But, more importantly, all the kids and coaches were supporting Noah and his family on this night, after he lost his Nona this week. Even though we lost, all the kids came together for Noah, they all had pink tape on their sticks and were great teammates.

That we like. Practice on Saturday, then it’s off to the playoffs.

We will be ready.

Playoff format

Hi everyone,

Here’s the playoff format. We are firmly in second, so we’ll play a double round robin (I think that means we will play Scarborough and NT White twice each – though that could change depending on how this week plays out).

Let’s be ready for a long playoff run everyone!

Here’s what the NYHL says:

Tier split into 2 groups based on winter season standings

1,3,5,7 – Group 1

2, 4, 6 – Group 2

1st Round = Round Robin

Group 1 will play each other once

Group 2 will play double Round Robin

(Top 2 teams in each group will advance to the Semi-Finals)

2nd Round/Semi-Finals

1st in group 1 vs. 2nd in group 2

1st in group 2 vs. 2nd in group 1

2 out of 3 or 1st team to 4 points advances to Final.

Overtime will be determined by the NYHL office as necessary.

Finals Winners of 2nd round/Semi-Finals

2 out of 3 OR 1st to 4 points wins Tier Championship.

Overtime will be determined by the NYHL office as necessary.


We will not be using point per period system.

Running clock rule with 5 goal spread in 3rd period is still in effect.

League reserves the right to extend any series to 3 out of 5 based on ice availability

The lessons are piling up

A wise man once told me, quite recently, “Sometimes it’s good to lose. It reminds you of the effort needed to win.”

Well, we’re about to find out if that’s true. We didn’t exactly set up our season at the start of the year to bookend a pile of wins with a losing streak at the start with another at the end of the year. But we’re going to have to dig deeper and find a way to get out of this mini tailspin.

Yes, it’s tougher when you lose Andrew W. for 4-6 weeks. And you’re missing a couple of other big pieces of your team. But we need to battle through it.

We didn’t show much battle tonight. The kids all looked like they were waiting for someone else to take the game over. We had a couple of kids who tried to do just that, but we just couldn’t get anywhere.

We didn’t give either goalie much help tonight either.

We did have a 1-0 lead, but we all missed the player coming out of the penalty box who got loose on a breakaway to tie the game 1-1. And then we hung our heads. We can’t do that. Ever. And the goals against piled up.

So, what does it all mean? Two losses in a row. One game where we didn’t look all that good.

Nothing but an opportunity to learn. We’re locked into second place for the playoffs. But the kids were not happy with themselves tonight.

And we want them to remember how disappointed they were with themselves. How embarrassed they were to get thumped like that. And how they need to be ready to work at practice on Sunday to get themselves ready for our next game, and then the playoffs.