Bulldogs welcome George Bell for an exhibition game

Easter Sunday was a great day for the Bulldogs. It marked the first ever game in the blue and gold for many boys – what we hope will become the first of many.

We fielded what in Spring Training would be called a split squad – seven players who played a large number of games with the team this year, and eight who had never played and our goalie, Nicholas, who made it into a couple of games this year.

George Bell was supposed to field a similar team, but ended up bringing a team more reminiscent of the squad we battled through the regular season.

So, into the deeper end we went.

While the score was 7-2, all the coaches were excited by what they saw. Many new players looked right at home. Some looked better at this level than they have in house league.

Gabriel scored our first, and new Bulldog William P. scored the second goal, and also went over the crossbar with a shot. So did Noah, who tried to go backhand shelf and instead tossed it over the bar.

The game finished with a great capper – a full shootout. We saw some great moves, and goals from Tom, Brady, Malone and Cole R. For the record, the Bulldogs won the shootout and Nicholas stopped George Bell again and again.

All in all, a great Sunday, hope all the players had fun.

Who are those dapper gentlemen behind the Bulldogs bench? The new coaches looked right at home during Sunday's exhibition game.

Who are those dapper gentlemen behind the Bulldogs bench? The new coaches looked right at home during Sunday’s exhibition game.

East York Bulldogs select tryouts

Just a reminder to have May 10 and 11 circled on your calendar for tryouts for next year’s East York Bulldogs.

For the novice year, kids born in 2006, we will have two teams – if not more. So don’t miss out on a great opportunity for fun, development and more hockey!

Tryouts are expected to be at East York Arena, and the novices will likely be in the morning.

The coaches of the two teams are Rob Granatstein, James Madge and Jonathan O’Keefe for one team, Ben Colborne, Mike McInnis, and Cameron Onderisin for the other team.

More information as soon as East York sends it along.


Registration is Monday – and a peep about tryouts


Just a reminder that registration starts online Monday at 6 pm.

We now have a little more information about tryouts.

What we must emphasize is you can not get on the ice to try out for the East York Bulldogs select team if you are not registered for house league. That rule seems uniform across all leagues as I’ve seen similar notes at other organizations.

We can also tell you there will be at least two select teams for East York in the novice division. Depending on interest at the tryouts, a third team can even be added. But that depends on how many kids come out for the teams. And if anyone is willing to run that team.

Tryouts are May 10 and 11 at East York Arena. Likely in the morning. More details to come. It’s $10 per skater per day for tryouts.