A disappointing night, but good lessons to be learned

So, apparently digging yourself a 4-0 hole before the end of the first is not a good strategy. We’ll have to discuss that.

We won the second and third periods, so there’s always that.

We saw great passes to set up breakaways, one from Max to Carter, the other from Ryan Y. to Ryan S. We’ve been demanding passing, so that was nice to see.

Some of the other stuff, we didn’t like so much. But, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

And the coaches get to have more learning moments with the players as we move forward, and we will.

Also, any time the other team wants to rip shots past their own goalie, they should feel free to do so.

What do you say about that game?

First of all, the East York Bulldogs played a great game against Weston White.

But, we’d also like to apologize to the Weston Dodgers, who got a thumping they didn’t deserve. Those kids kept trying hard, right till the end, and their goalie played great. But we are in the wrong tier, and we hope now the NYHL will realize that.

As for the game, what can we say? The kids shared the puck brilliantly, dominated every aspect of the game, and filled the net. When it was all done, the score was 12-0. Nicholas said he faced three shots. We counted one scoring chance. A shutout is a shutout, well done on your first Bulldogs shutout.

We just hope it doesn’t go to the kids heads. That said, it was great to see the boys sharing success, partying in the dressing room – yet being good sports on the ice.

Max started the scoring on the first shift of the game, Carter notched a goal on the second shift, and we were off.

Goals – Max (2), Carter (2), Ryan S. (2), Andrew W. (2), Noah, Ivan, Dylan and Ryan Y.

Assists – Andrew W. (3), Cade, Noah (3), Ryan Y., Michael S. (2), Carter (2), Ibrahim, Ryan S., Will, Dylan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyqImBPJYd8 (available soon)

Good win to start our official season

Wins are good. We’ll take them. We’ll take the one against the Willowdale Blackhawks, a solid 6-1 victory highlighted by five late, unanswered goals.

Exciting out of tonight’s scuffle was seeing William P. score his first Bulldogs’ goal, and Michael S. scoring his first in more than a year (oh, he did play goal last year). Each player also had an assist.

Ibrahim had a couple of assists, Carter had a couple of goals, Dylan and Ryan S. also scored.

Andrew W. also had an assist and nearly a goal.

Most exciting was how we moved the puck on the power play. Like we knew what we wanted to do with it. Moments like that are very exciting for the coaches.

And, again, Nicholas was pretty bored in net. Sorry buddy, good game.

All very good against a Willowdale Blackhawks team that came in on a high note, winning the Thanksgiving tournament they entered.

Video to come.

Here’s hoping we don’t have to go back to Paramount too much!