First tournament is over

INGERSOLL – So, not our best day on the scoreboard, but the coaches aren’t upset at all by the result.

We played a solid hockey game against Ingersoll, just couldn’t bulge the twine, losing 3-1. The game was basically even from start to finish.

Our goal came on a great rush from Will M. and was finished by Carter.

In the semi-finals, we faced the tough team from Mount Brydges. While the result was another 8-1 loss, it was 3-1 with 1:23 left in the second period.

But six penalties hurt us big time.

Carter cleaned up the garbage to score yet another goal for the Bulldogs, this one from Cade and Will M.

Nicholas was our clear MVP, making the most stops in the tournament, using everything, including his head.

The coaches will be working on our shooting, going hard to the net, and gap control on rushes.

Lots to do, but an encouraging start against some tough teams.


INGERSOLL – So, that’s not how the Bulldogs play.

From the drop of the puck, the Bulldogs looked rather listless. And the end result showed that we were. Playing a very strong team from Mount Brydges, we were outgunned 8-1.

Our lone goal came from Andrew W., assists to Carter and Noah.

Other than that, the only thing to talk about is how well Nicholas played in goal. Yes, he gave up 8, but he stopped another 25 or so. And nothing was easy.

That’s enough about that one. Pool. Great pasta dinner tonight, some soccer, and may they all collapse into their beds (soon).

Solid start for the Bulldogs

INGERSOLL – And we’re off (slowly!).

The Bulldogs launched the 2014-15 season with a 2-2 tie.

We started sluggish, falling behind on the first shift and were down 2-0 heading to the end of the 1st period.

Carter wouldn’t stand for that! He lifted home our first goal of the season as the buzzer went (or maybe after, don’t tell anyone). Assist to Andrew W., and we were down by just one after a very slow start.

In the second, a ton of sustained pressure on our power play resulted in Max taking a long shot from just inside their blue line and blowing it by the Petrolia Oilers goalie to tie the score at 2-2. Assist to Cade.

From there, the Bulldogs came on strong but couldn’t push the winning goal in.

Still, a solid first game together for the boys, starting in goal with Nicholas and moving out. We tried Noah on defence, and that worked nicely, joining with great games from William, Dylan, Andrew C., and Ryan S.

Up front, William P. had a strong Bulldogs debut. Michael S. looked great as he makes the transition back from goalie to skater. Our first line with Michael, Carter and Andrew W. was a force.

Our second line, Cade, Ryan Y. and William were also quite dangerous, while the Connor, Ibrahim and Ivan line showed flashes of brilliance.

Back on the ice at 4!