Registration is Monday – and a peep about tryouts


Just a reminder that registration starts online Monday at 6 pm.

We now have a little more information about tryouts.

What we must emphasize is you can not get on the ice to try out for the East York Bulldogs select team if you are not registered for house league. That rule seems uniform across all leagues as I’ve seen similar notes at other organizations.

We can also tell you there will be at least two select teams for East York in the novice division. Depending on interest at the tryouts, a third team can even be added. But that depends on how many kids come out for the teams. And if anyone is willing to run that team.

Tryouts are May 10 and 11 at East York Arena. Likely in the morning. More details to come. It’s $10 per skater per day for tryouts.

Marlies game 2014

Here are some quick pictures from the Marlies game. As always, if you have any pictures, feel free to share.

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